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Hydroblasting & High Pressure Water Blasting


The power of water, when precisely channeled, can address the most stubborn deposits and obstructions. At CTS Services Inc., we are dedicated to offering cutting-edge hydroblasting and pressure washing services tailored to meet the needs of our customers. With the power to tackle pressures ranging from 3,500 psi to an intense 40,000 psi, our team can handle both delicate tasks as well as the most stubborn of challenges.

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Advanced Equipment for Precision Blasting

At CTS Services Inc., we use top-tier hydroblasting tools tailored for diverse cleaning needs. Our 3-D Heads ensure thorough cleaning, while our 2-D Heads tackle surface build-ups. For targeted cleaning, we use Lances, whereas Shotguns offer quick cleaning for larger areas. For heavy floor residue, our Hydromowers are highly effective.

Our Specialties Include

  • Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers: Even the smallest heat exchangers are within our reach. Ensure efficient heat transfer by keeping these components free of obstructions and residues.
  • Large Process Tanks: Solidified product? No worries! Our high-pressure services will render your tanks spotless and operational in no time.
  • Tanks, Lines, and Ductwork: Achieve optimal performance and longevity from your equipment by ensuring they are free from unwanted deposits and build-ups.

When it comes to high-pressure water solutions, the choice of a reliable partner is paramount. By choosing CTS Services Inc., you're opting for expertise, efficiency, and an unwavering commitment to safety and quality.

Safety & Efficiency

When you partner with CTS Services Inc., you're not just investing in a clean surface but also the assurance of safety and efficiency. Our team is rigorously trained and follows stringent safety protocols to ensure that every job is executed with the utmost precision. Ready to witness the pinnacle of hydroblasting and pressure washing services?

Additional Jobs We Handle 

Hydroblasting and high-pressure water blasting are versatile methods suitable for a broad spectrum of jobs. Here are some of the key projects we manage:

  • Industrial Equipment Cleaning: From heat exchangers to reactors, we restore the efficiency of a wide range of industrial machinery.
  • Surface Preparation: Before painting or coating, our services ensure surfaces are impeccably clean, ensuring better adhesion and longevity of the coat.
  • Concrete Demolition & Cutting: Hydroblasting offers a non-vibratory method, making it perfect for precision cutting and removal of concrete without disturbing surrounding structures.
  • Pipe & Sewer Cleaning: Clearing blockages and maintaining the efficiency of pipes and sewage systems are a speciality of ours.
  • Graffiti & Paint Removal: From walls and bridges to public vehicles, our services ensure swift and thorough removal of unwanted graffiti and paint.
  • Marine Growth Removal: For vessels and offshore platforms, we remove barnacles, algae, and other marine growths, restoring surfaces to their prime condition.

By entrusting CTS Services Inc. with these jobs, you're ensuring quality, efficiency, and an unparalleled commitment to safety.

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Experience the CTS Difference Today

Choosing CTS Services Inc. means partnering with seasoned professionals in the hydro blasting field. We provide specialized solutions to match each client's needs. Our modern equipment ensures efficient cleaning, and safety remains a top priority for us. Located in Benton, AR, we're accessible and responsive to our customers in the Greater Little Rock and surrounding areas. Contact CTS Services Inc. today, and let's discuss how we can rejuvenate your equipment and surfaces!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hydroblasting safe for the environment?

Yes, Hydroblasting uses water without any chemicals, making it an eco-friendly cleaning method. The wastewater, however, should be properly collected, treated, and disposed of to prevent environmental contamination.

How does Hydroblasting compare to traditional cleaning methods?

Hydroblasting often provides a more thorough and efficient clean than traditional methods. As it's chemical-free, it's safer for both the environment and operators, and it can access hard-to-reach places with ease.

Is Hydroblasting safe for all surfaces?

The pressure and flow rate can be adjusted to suit different surfaces, but care should be taken on delicate surfaces. It's always advised to test a small area first or consult with a professional.

How much water does Hydroblasting use?

While the rate of water usage depends on the specific equipment and pressure setting, Hydroblasting can use a significant amount of water. However, many service providers use water recycling systems to reduce overall water consumption.

What safety precautions are taken during Hydroblasting?

Due to the high pressures involved, safety is paramount. Operators typically wear protective equipment, including helmets, eye protection, and suits. Additionally, barriers or enclosures may be used to protect nearby workers and equipment.

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