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"Okay, so if you ever need some serious cleaning, contact CTS and their Vacuum Truck services. Got them to help out after a spill, and wow, they did a magic trick with how fast and clean the job was. And the crew? Top-notch and super friendly. Two thumbs up!"

Mia K.

"We hired the CTS crew over with their Vacuum Truck and I'm blown away. Thought clearing up our site would be a massive headache, but they sucked it all up like it was no big deal. The team was super chill and efficient. Definitely saving their number for the next time!"

Danny W.

"Heard about CTS from a buddy and decided to give them a shot for some hydro-excavation. Best decision ever! They were quick, didn’t mess around, and got the job done right. And shout out to their team for being so chill and answering my million questions. Keep up the good work, folks!"

Lila M.

"Man, the CTS crew knows their stuff! Had them come in for some tank cleaning at our old factory, and they left it looking brand-spanking-new. Those high-pressure water blasters are no joke. Plus, everyone was super friendly and gave some solid advice for maintenance. Will be calling them up again for sure!"

Jake R.

"Recently got CTS on board for some tank cleaning at our place. Not gonna lie, they nailed it! The team was swift, thorough, and the tanks? Never seen them this clean. Major props for their dedication and doing a stellar job."

Catherine P.

"Had a chance to work with CTS Services on a hydro-excavation gig, and boy, they know their stuff! The team was on point, the gear looked top-notch, and they made everything look easy. I was genuinely impressed by how they handled that high-pressure water blasting. Looking forward to the next project with them!"

Martin L.

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